Friendship with Syria

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a odd person, a hero to some a villain to others, a saint to some a devil to others. Many had suggested that the U.S. should have gone to much further lengths to persuade Assad’s foreign backers so that his aid would be cut off, although Bashar al-Assad is a goofy dictator his supposed villainy is deeply exaggerated in American and Israeli media. Something that must be remembered is that Al Nusra Front, a sister organization of Al Qaeda was in a strong alliance with the Free Syrian Army, and although it is not really clear who the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria actually are, most of the very strong evidence seems to insinuate that the American supported Free Syrian Army is the same group as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. To say what to many do not want to say, it is clear that the United States of America is in a bid to go to War with the Russian Federation in hopes of causing World War III in order to cut down the population and then take over the World with the use of the American proxy better known as the United Nations. Neofeudalism is the most clear and obvious agenda that the United States of America has, or more accurately, Neofeudalism is clearly the bluntly obvious agenda of the United States ruling elite. By causing overpopulation, a excuse is made more convenient to depopulate humanity to a smaller number than ever before making them more manageable. Turkey continuously works closely with Saudi Arabia on a strategy to intervene in Syria, this is the Free Syrian Army and that means that this is probably the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Turkish and Arabian

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

The question that needs to be asked is why does Israel have such a strong connection with the Country responsible for the Armenian Genocide, the Armenian Genocide paved the way for the Holocaust so why is it that Turkey is the only true friend of Israel?

The other question that needs to be asked is why does America have a relationship with a Monarch, for was not the American Revolutionary War a war against Monarchy?

The answer to both questions is clear:

First of all, The State of Israel was based not on Jewish solidarity nor was the State of Israel based on Judaism, rather The State of Israel is based on Zionism and this means that Israel is ideologically connected to such a country that embraces ethnic cleansing, one must never forget that Zionists had deals with such Nazis as Otto Strasser and Otto Adolf Eichmann.

Second of all, The United States of America was not based on anything except the very selfish Free Masonic opportunism, and as for the American people themselves they were mostly Anglo-Saxon Protestants who hated Catholicism and would of hated Islam as they do today had they known anything about such a diplomatic Religion, yes Americanism is based on hate, The United States of America is based on Free Masonry and Americanism so the Saudi Royals actually are useful to Americanists who are dedicated to the downfall of Islam, everyone who knows anything about Islam knows that the Saudi royals loot Mecca and that they exploit Muslims and disregard Shariah.

So what can we do? Well the only thing we can do in both America and Israel is to try to make friends with strong Syrian Nationalists whether they are for or against Bashar al-Assad and we need to try to understand the conflicts inside Syria from the many different opinions in Syria, I have many American friends but I’m tired of America even though the masses of Americans do not want World War III as do their rich masters who run the world’s banks and the world’s government’s through imperialist agenda for Neofeudalism, the American population is actually in some ways worse than their masters. Most of the Americans by in large do not care about anyone outside of America, most Americans are full of hate, I speak from experience when I say that Americans blame everyone else for their problems except them selves, the friends I have in America are the exception not the rule, I in hopes of returning to my Country will of course push for the Medinati Revolution but I need support I am one man only. The Good News is I am not the only Man from Israel who is in America wanting Revolution there are many of us they just need to be more outspoken as I am. Let us start with a deep friendship with Syria. solidarity with syria