The State of Israel is going to change it’s name to The State of Medinat.

The State of Medinat (מְדִינַא דא מְדִינַת)Medina Da Medīnat shall not call modern-Hebrew – hebrew anymore but refer to it as Medin’un. A program of learning will be instituted that will garentee that (Ladino)JudeoSpanish will safely absorb modern-Hebrew forming the new and more correct language Medin’un.

Part of this Medinat revolution against the Zionist state shall be using Ladino as much as possible.

Instead of calling a Modern Israeli by the misapplied term of Israeli the more appropriate term of Medinati מְדִינַתי shall be used and Medinatim מְדִינַתים in the plural.

The State of Israel has no right to exist on political or religious grounds.
However the Modern Israelis have a right to their own culture yet they should never call themselves Israel and the State of Israel should never call it self Israel.
The Jews יְהוּדִים Yehudim, also known as the Jewish people, are a religious group, originating in the Ancient Israelis or Hebrews of the Ancient Near East.
יהודים Yehudim (plural of יהודי Yehudi) The term Yehudi occurs 74 times in the text of the Hebrew Bible.
The plural, Yehudim, debuts in 2 Kings 16:6, and in 2 Chronicles 32:18.
In Jeremiah 34:9 we find the earliest singular usage of the word Yehudi, “Jew” being used, though The name appears in the Bible in a verb form, in Esther 8:17

The name of Israel has always had 3 forms:
#1. Israel was the name that Hashem gave Jacob the son of Issac son of Abraham.
#2. Israel is the Jewish People.
#3. Israeli is a word found in a early Kabbalah called Yatziban and it refers to the the 12 tribes of Jacob/Israel, most Modern Israelis are not Israeli ישראלי although many of them do have a large among of Ancient Israeli descent. But the Palestinians are the one who have most of this lineage, this all goes back to the fact being Jewish has nothing to do with Race although no one can deny it’s tribal traditions the weight of being Jewish is a religious weight not a racial one and as far as race goes this is much more preserved in the Palestinians.

Now to all those who do not know there are only 2 ways of being Jewish either you are born of a Jewish mother or you have converted to Judaism.
In 2 Chronicles 32:18 we see the word Yehudit יהודית which should be translated in English as Jewish-Language. Yehudit was an oral Language that Am Israel spoke although it did contain many of the words of Biblical Hebrew and thus was rather distinct from common Aramaic.
Am Israel (members of the Jewish faith) had two part to the Jewish language, Ivirit which was a written language that was never spoken and Yehudit a Oral language that was never written, Yehudit was in time replaced by Aramaic.
Lets clarify not every Ancient Israeli is Jewish and not every Jew is Ancient Israeli, just as not every Arab is Muslim and not every Muslim is Arab, Not to mention not every Greek is Christian and not every Christian is Greek. The right of return makes no sense especially due to the fact that according to Jewish religion the Jewish-Theocracy of Israel shall remain lost until the Jewish Messiah comes to bring the 12 tribes back to Judaism. By the way according to Jewish-Religion the Messiah can not come until War, Nationalism and Atheism are long gone then the Messiah will guide his people to remove all remaining calamities from earth. Being Jewish is a matter of Religiosity not Nationalism. Israel is a Zionist state not a Jewish state and Jewish state is a oxymoron.

מְדִינַא דא מְדִינַת
The State of Israel is going to change its name to The State of Medinat.



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