The meaning of the word Likh’im

Likh’im pronounced Lick’eem not to be confused with Lechaim.

Likh’im is spelled in לחים Hebrew and Lechaim is spelled לחיים in Hebrew.

מְדִינַא דא מְדִינַת
The State of Israel is going to change its name to The State of Medinat.

Likh’im is a Hebrew neologism that refers to a known reputation juicy and lush eating and drinking, yet this is not the implied context of the word.

The proper definition of the word Likh’im is “[the] Ones [who are] Not-dry” and this is the name of the Code of Medina Da Medinat, a code of being vibrant in one’s own history and not given to the dry-propaganda of Medinat Yisrael.



Author: Post-Zionism

The State of Medinat shall be a safe haven for Romani, Armenian, Jewish, Assyrian, Chaldean, and Kurdish. To change Israel to Medinat. To change Israeli to Medinati. Full recognition of Palestine. Friendship with both Palestine and Syria. To safely absorb Israeli Hebrew into (Ladino)JudeoSpanish this will save both the Jewish Spanish and the Israeli-Hebrew languages from fading out. To first get rid of the Wall around Gaza and then to return to the 1947 boarders. Ensure that Palestine along with Medinat have independent Sovereignty.

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