Likh’im לחים

The State of Israel is not organic in origin unlike other Homelands.

The State of Israel was based on Zionism.

The pretext to Zionism is Americanism. 

Americanism is the Mayflower ideology of the Plymouth Colony of which was founded by the Protestant Christian Pilgrims and anyone who fundamentally believes in the theological dogmatic Puritan fundamentals of Americanism is by definition a Americanist. 

From the Americanists came the theological doctrines that over time gave rise to the dispensational reconstructionist Christianity that took root in both  America as well as Britain, these theological positions supported a mythological Jewish race, even though both the Jewish culture and the religion of Judaism had nothing to do with racial-ethnicity. 

The dispensational reconstructionist Christianity paved the way for Theodor Herzl.

Theodor Herzl founded the ideology of Zionism, a ideology that embraced a mythological Jewish race, even though both the Jewish culture and the religion of Judaism had nothing to do with racial-ethnicity. 

The word Yehudi went through a period of time in which this word Yehudi had been falsely attributed to more than one definition based on differing context.

Yehudi יהודי however is such either for the cultural reason of having a Yehudi mother or for the religious reason of converting to Yahadut יהדות this word Yehudi is not simply rendered as such rather the Hebrew scriptures insinuate this, it was latter times that would confuse the word Yehudi.  

Yehudahi יהודהי is a lesser known word because it has never come up in the Hebrew Bible. 

Now as for Yehudahi יהודהי this word means one from the tribe of Yehudah יהודה this is a lesser known detail of history that has been kept from public conversation because of how damaging this information is to racialists who desire to preserve the deception of a mythological Yehudi race.

Then there is the word Yehudia יהודיא the theocracy founded by Ezra and the returned exiles from Babylon and this is another unpopular word that racialists who desire to preserve the deception of a mythological Yehudi race do not want anyone to say.

And then of course Yedudan יהודן is any person who is a citizen of the theocratic land of Yehudia יהודיא founded by Ezra.  

This information proves that there can never be a Jewish State.

Yet just who are the Yisraelim? The Ancient Yisraelim are the same as The Palestinians. 

A more known part of information that is often overlooked is that the Ancient Yisraelim began with Jacob and yet they where not considered to be Jewish יהודי until Moses spoke to God on Mount Sinai, most Ancient Yisraelim have converted to Christianity or Islam and therefore any attempt to bring matters of racial-ethnicity into the topic has lost argument for those same Ancient Yisraelim are now referred to as Palestinians.

Yisraeli ישראלי is a funny word with the way it is misused by Antisemitic racialists.

The undeniable truth is that a Yisraeli ישראלי is the same as a Palestinian פלשתינאי and We the modern-Yisraelim are not the Yisraelim at all. 

It is time for We who are mislabeled as Yisraeli ישראלי change Our mislabeled name to the correct name of Medinai מדינתי and in doing so We no longer remain dry.













Author: Post-Zionism

The State of Medinat shall be a safe haven for Romani, Armenian, Jewish, Assyrian, Chaldean, and Kurdish. To change Israel to Medinat. To change Israeli to Medinati. Full recognition of Palestine. Friendship with both Palestine and Syria. To safely absorb Israeli Hebrew into (Ladino)JudeoSpanish this will save both the Jewish Spanish and the Israeli-Hebrew languages from fading out. To first get rid of the Wall around Gaza and then to return to the 1947 boarders. Ensure that Palestine along with Medinat have independent Sovereignty.

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