Times are changing

The naysayers are the ones who are lying because the State of Israel is imploding.

I am a Israeli refugee living in America, I married a Ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman, and she was murdered this year. I had become a Ultra-Orthodox Jew for my wife, I do not consider myself Jewish but I am born from Jewish parents, I am not a Jewish anti-Zionist now that I have left Judaism, but I am not going to become a Zionist again.

I am a Post-Zionist now, but to be clear the only true Post-Zionist position is the position that myself and others like myself are taking.

Medinati culture must be shaped by a blast of psychological impact of sorts.  And now more than ever before the reality is all to clear the State of Israel is going to change its name to the State of Medinat.

מְדִינַא דא מְדִינַת


Believe it or not it is true, the State of Israel is imploding, the youth of each generation become more disconnected from the unstable State of Israel than the last generation as each new generation reaches youth searching for identity.

The death of Muhammad Ali is more striking than the deaths of David Bowie and Prince.  Both the deaths of David Bowie and Prince hit many Americans hard but to have Muhammad Ali die in the same year of 2016 is a sign that the Times are changing all around.

America’s favorite client-State the one called Israel will no longer serve American interests because the State of Israel is going to change its name to the State of Medinat and the entire power-structure of the Knesset will be overthrown and replaced by a State Council.

The Medinati Revolution is coming.


Author: Post-Zionism

The State of Medinat shall be a safe haven for Romani, Armenian, Jewish, Assyrian, Chaldean, and Kurdish. To change Israel to Medinat. To change Israeli to Medinati. Full recognition of Palestine. Friendship with both Palestine and Syria. To safely absorb Israeli Hebrew into (Ladino)JudeoSpanish this will save both the Jewish Spanish and the Israeli-Hebrew languages from fading out. To first get rid of the Wall around Gaza and then to return to the 1947 boarders. Ensure that Palestine along with Medinat have independent Sovereignty.

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