The Attack on Brussels

On the date of March 22, 2016 Terrorist attacks on Brussels happened. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria claimed responsibility for these terrorist attacks. To think that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria which is believed by many to be the same group as the Free Syrian Army that American President Barack Obama was in support of sends shivers down the spines of every rational man or woman. As best any report has given is that at 7:58 a.m. local time Tuesday, two suicide bombers struck the departure lounge of Brussels Airport in Zaventem about 37 seconds apart, killing at least 10 people. This is clearly a way of making a pretext for more surveillance because with all the great American intelligence this could have been prevented very easily. But how many are willing to look close into the origins of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, not many mostly the real answer to the questions can be found on my previous post entitled Friendship with Syria read it, you will learn stuff.

Belgium Attacks


Friendship with Syria

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a odd person, a hero to some a villain to others, a saint to some a devil to others. Many had suggested that the U.S. should have gone to much further lengths to persuade Assad’s foreign backers so that his aid would be cut off, although Bashar al-Assad is a goofy dictator his supposed villainy is deeply exaggerated in American and Israeli media. Something that must be remembered is that Al Nusra Front, a sister organization of Al Qaeda was in a strong alliance with the Free Syrian Army, and although it is not really clear who the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria actually are, most of the very strong evidence seems to insinuate that the American supported Free Syrian Army is the same group as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. To say what to many do not want to say, it is clear that the United States of America is in a bid to go to War with the Russian Federation in hopes of causing World War III in order to cut down the population and then take over the World with the use of the American proxy better known as the United Nations. Neofeudalism is the most clear and obvious agenda that the United States of America has, or more accurately, Neofeudalism is clearly the bluntly obvious agenda of the United States ruling elite. By causing overpopulation, a excuse is made more convenient to depopulate humanity to a smaller number than ever before making them more manageable. Turkey continuously works closely with Saudi Arabia on a strategy to intervene in Syria, this is the Free Syrian Army and that means that this is probably the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Turkish and Arabian

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

The question that needs to be asked is why does Israel have such a strong connection with the Country responsible for the Armenian Genocide, the Armenian Genocide paved the way for the Holocaust so why is it that Turkey is the only true friend of Israel?

The other question that needs to be asked is why does America have a relationship with a Monarch, for was not the American Revolutionary War a war against Monarchy?

The answer to both questions is clear:

First of all, The State of Israel was based not on Jewish solidarity nor was the State of Israel based on Judaism, rather The State of Israel is based on Zionism and this means that Israel is ideologically connected to such a country that embraces ethnic cleansing, one must never forget that Zionists had deals with such Nazis as Otto Strasser and Otto Adolf Eichmann.

Second of all, The United States of America was not based on anything except the very selfish Free Masonic opportunism, and as for the American people themselves they were mostly Anglo-Saxon Protestants who hated Catholicism and would of hated Islam as they do today had they known anything about such a diplomatic Religion, yes Americanism is based on hate, The United States of America is based on Free Masonry and Americanism so the Saudi Royals actually are useful to Americanists who are dedicated to the downfall of Islam, everyone who knows anything about Islam knows that the Saudi royals loot Mecca and that they exploit Muslims and disregard Shariah.

So what can we do? Well the only thing we can do in both America and Israel is to try to make friends with strong Syrian Nationalists whether they are for or against Bashar al-Assad and we need to try to understand the conflicts inside Syria from the many different opinions in Syria, I have many American friends but I’m tired of America even though the masses of Americans do not want World War III as do their rich masters who run the world’s banks and the world’s government’s through imperialist agenda for Neofeudalism, the American population is actually in some ways worse than their masters. Most of the Americans by in large do not care about anyone outside of America, most Americans are full of hate, I speak from experience when I say that Americans blame everyone else for their problems except them selves, the friends I have in America are the exception not the rule, I in hopes of returning to my Country will of course push for the Medinati Revolution but I need support I am one man only. The Good News is I am not the only Man from Israel who is in America wanting Revolution there are many of us they just need to be more outspoken as I am. Let us start with a deep friendship with Syria. solidarity with syria



The Great Post-Zionist Declaration

The State of Medinat forbids forced conversions this includes harassment and other means of coercion and public advertisement of a religion on commercial signs and to be likewise forbidden of such radio and televised broadcasts, simultaneously religious groups and individuals also have the right to publicly display customs openly without reprisal and even give announcement to when a festival is approaching to a given time so long as this is not done for the sake of commercial or proselytizing. As long as the choice is free and without coercion any person may convert to a different religion.

The State of Medinat acknowledges cultural rights and that cultures have the right to self-preservation so long as this is not at the expense of others, this means that no culture should destroy another culture in a bid for supremacy.

The State of Medinat recognizes the rights of racial-ethnicity, these rights are rights of self-preservation and heritage, any member of any racial or ethnic group has the right to stay within the bloodlines of collective heritage, so long as this does not infringe on a individual who seeks breeding out side his or her own racial or ethnic group, racial and ethnic groups must be protected and preserved yet they must not infringe on each other over derelict reasons of racial or ethnic supremacy.

Nations are networks of People.

States are but Homelands for those People.

A good State is open to more than one Nation in need of a Homeland.

Nationality is the nature of a person’s connection to his or her Nation.

The proper definition of a Nation is that a Nation us a Network of People.

So because a Nation by proper definition is a Networked People, it is then important to understand that a Networked People is a Cultural group with one or two additions to such a Culture.

There are three types of Nation:

1. National Clan, this type of Nation has Culture and Racial-ethnicity.
2. National Gathering, this type of Nation has Culture and Religion. 
3. National Folk, this type of Nation has Culture, Religion, and Racial-ethnicity.


The existence of a State has only one purpose and this purpose is the security and liberty of a Homeland.

Cultural empowerment can be achieved by being distinct from the boring style of Israel, Medinati culture must be shaped by a blast of psychological impact of sorts.

The State of Israel was a mistake, the State of Israel was founded on the ideology of Zionism.

Zionism is an ideology that to this day holds no argument, there is no political, secular, or religious argument that can be made for Zionism, and even less of an argument can be made for a country calling it self Israel.

We do not have the right to call ourselves Israeli and so We rename ourselves Medinati, this is the first step to Revolution and this begins now, all Israelis will rename themselves Medinatis.

All of the Israelis who do not change their name to Medinatis will to be charged with the crime of Antisemitism and then stripped of citizenship.

Action is needed and before any type of action is to be done, We Will Change Our Name and thus Medinat Yisrael’s name will be changed to Medina Da Medinat.

The first course of action is to get rid of the Wall around Gaza and then to return to the 1947 borders.

The second course of action will be to recognize that Palestine along with Medinat have independent Sovereignty undisputed.

The Bundist Movement uses Yiddish and the Yatziban Jews adopted Yiddish in the 1890s and so it is self-evident that even the Sephardi Jews who are Ultra-Orthodox fully embrace Yiddish. Yiddish is the Modern Jewish language and Hebrew is the Holy Jewish language and so we need to keep both Yiddish and Hebrew out of our dominate language usage, claiming Hebrew or Yiddish as an official state language is an act of Antisemitism that will not be tolerated. Because of the Antisemitic nature of having a Modern Hebrew language, Israeli-hebrew must be done away with and the only way this can ever be done is by making sure that Ladino(Judeo-spanish) absorbs Israeli-hebrew completely.

Then a Medinati Constitution must be written that will ensure the safety of Romani, Armenian, Jewish, Assyrian, Chaldean, and Kurdish peoples, Medinat is to be the refuge of the displaced refugees who may qualify for citizenship after a period of applications.

It is not enough for the name of the State of Israel to be changed to the State of Medinat, the State of Palestine must exist and the Palestinian right to return to their lands must be ensured.

The Jewish people are a National Gathering, therefore because the foundation of the Jewish people is the culturally based religion known as Judaism than Zionist Aliyah is the defamation of Judaism, and thus the Zionist Aliyah must be permanently ended, it is unjust not servicing Judaism nor servicing the Ancient Israelis who are none other than the Palestinians.

The State of Medinat must be a refuge for the safety of Romani, Armenian, Jewish, Assyrian, Chaldean, and Kurdish peoples because this is a necessity and yet the abolishing of Zionist Aliyah must be taken with the most strict seriousness.

The State of Israel claimed to be a Jewish State, this is absurd and unfounded as a statement, the State of Medinat distances herself from such a utopian claim, the State of Medinat is part of a solution to a problem that was never simple enough for Utopia yet never complicated enough for the Practical and that is why Medinat will be the force to end pragmatism and utopianism, no other force can do this.

To ensure that Palestine and Medinat both have enough land the Kingdom of  Jordan will be dismantled as a State, this is a Humane answer to the inhumanity of the way the French and British tried to dived up Arab lands for imperialistic reasons. Jordanians are Palestinians the only reason why Jordan was founded as an independent State was to ensure that a dynasty of European-friendly Royalty that was not justified by Islam or Christianity could survive to help European and now American hegemony as a client state.

Justice must be radical because every time a solution fails to be radical by attempting utopianism or pragmatism that solution fails everyone, the solution is radical and shocking as the solution must be.

When the Medinati Constitution is to be written it must be written in the spirit of this Great Post-Zionist Declaration.