Avarodan was the best


אַל קעֹמיּיֵנץ דאַל תיּיֵררַה

בֵרדַד נינגוּנוֹ ראֵכּוּאֵרדהַ קוּיֵ אֵרַה אַנטאֵס דאֵ לאַ ינוּנדאַסוֹ, אֵזכּיֵפּטוֹ פּאַראַ קוּיֵ דאַיס הַ לאֵיאֵנדאַס דאַ נאַסיעֹנאֵס.

לאַ ינוּנדאַסוֹ דאַ טעֹדעֹ עֵל מוּנדעֹ דיּכּאֵן לאַס נאַסיעֹנאֵס דיכיֵ אַ כּאַוּסאַ דאֵספּיֵקאַדעֹ.

פּאֵרעֹ נינגוּנוֹ ריֵאַלמאֵנתאֵ ראֵכּוּאֵרדהַ הַ ראַזעֹנאַמיאֵנטעֹ פּאַראַ קוּיֵ הַ ינוּנדאַסיּוּן בינעֹ אֵן טעֹדעֹס לעֹס אֵרצים.

מיּר הַא דיֵשׂפּוּאִס לאַ גראַן ינוּנדאַסוֹ עֵט ינוּנדליּנאֵאַס ראֵטרעֹסיֵדאַ אַל גיגאַנטאֵ מאַרנאַואֵ יֵגאַדעֹ סעֹבּראֵ לאַ הָר אֲרָרָט. 

סאַלגַה סאַלֵא דאַ אַל מאַרנאַואֵ דאֵ שֵׁם

לאַס טריבּוּת דאֵ חָם

עֵט לאַס טריבּוּת דאֵ יָפֶת.

 אֵסטעֹס סוֹן לעֹס לידאֵראֵס דאַ שֵׁם

  גוּנטעֹ כּוֹן סוֹס טריבּוּת




גֶרמָנִיָה אל-המלך דא אַשְׁכְּנָז

גֶרמָנִיָה אל-המלך דא אַשְׁכְּנָז : Germaniah al-Melkh Ashkenaz.

Meaning Gaulmany the Germamic King. 

גֶרמָנִיָה אל-הר : Germaniah al-Har. 

Meaning The Germanic Mountain.

גֶרמָנִיָה : Germaniah.

Meaning Gaulmany.

אַשְׁכְּנָז : Askenaz.

Meaning Germany.

This is a old story told by Grandfather, he told this story to me only once but I never forgot it, my father told one story only once, but this one story I remember so well.

Me and other so-called Israelis have come up with other stories that we feel fall in line with the Medinati Values we aspire for, but before any of you can know the stories we have written I will give you the one that none of us came up with, the one that is to be included with all the others that we have come up with, yet this one we did not come up with despite that it is to be among them anyway.


This is the story of Gaulmany the half-Elf told by my father, because of other stories that me and the other post-Zionists have written that connect to this story, I have re-titled this story.

The Legend of the half-Elf.

Just as no one can account for what happened to the Elves after the Worldwide flood, no one can account for how Matzimun the last of the Elves was able to survive the Worldwide flood.

Remember Matzimun that lived long because Elves knew not the taste of Death.

And so the floods lines resided long before Matzimun fell in love with a Human woman, yet this was before the rise of Babylon and the Great Tower that shook the Skies with fear.

Matzimun was traveling the lands of the North and he saw a Woman well fed and she had Green eyes and Gold hair she spoke in rhymes and her voice was melodic, never before had a Human woman seemed so majestic indeed no Elvin lass ever was as this.

Matzimun had to have this Human woman and her came to her with majesty and she was his, he asked her for her name, she said her name was Chenai.

Matzimun and Chenai mated and their love was so impressive a new mountain formed.

Chenai named this new mountain Germaniah al-Har.

The love that Matzimun and Chenai had made the lands of the North fertile and green.

Four years passed and Chenai was pregnant, this pleased Matzimun very much.

As Chenai was about to give birth the baby boy ripped throw the belly of Chenai.

Matzimun beheld his Son in horror as Chenai died.

Matzimun named his son Germaniah, Matzimun left Germaniah on the very top of Germaniah al-Har and then Matzimun abandoned Germaniah.

Danozihu the brother of Chenai took care of the baby Germaniah and raised him to be a cunning warrior.

Germaniah the half-Elf grew strong with large arms and fantastic speed.

Coming from a unknown world came the fierce Trasgo horde led by Hogardiablo the Warlord.

The evils of Hogardiablo the Warlord undermined the safety and liberty of the clans of the North.

The army of Trasgo soldiers overwhelmed many of the Northern clans forcing them into cruel submission, the leaders of the clans had to give the youngest of their daughters to the Trasgo. 

Germaniah the half-Elf called a council of the leaders of the clans who had not yet surrendered to Hogardiablo the Warlord.

Says Germaniah:

“Listen to me, O you Chiefs of the Northern clans”

“Make me your King and I will rid you of the Trasgo scum” 

The leaders of the Northern clans accepted the proposition and they banded together under the leadership of Germaniah the half-Elf who they declared their King.

The free men of the North who were of age to fight numbered Three Thousand.

The Trasgo numbered Ten Thousand.

The fight lasted four days, the Trasgo had been reduced to Fifty and the fighting men of the North only been reduced to One Thousand, even so Hogardiablo the Warlord would not surrender.

Germaniah the half-Elf said to Hogardiablo the Warlord:

“Surrender You Fool”

Hogardiablo the Warlord said to Germaniah the half-Elf:


Germaniah the half-Elf said to Hogardiablo the Warlord:

“I have crushed your armies, give up before you loose more Trasgo

Hogardiablo the Warlord said to Germaniah the half-Elf:

“All of the Trasgo serve my wishes and nothing more, I don’t care how many die as long as I win, I am the King of Sixty Thousand Netherworlds you will never win, I win always”

And then Germaniah the half-Elf plunged his sword into Hogardiablo the Warlord’s stomach, Hogardiablo had a supersized look on his face and died.

Then with sword in hand Germaniah raised such to the sky and shouted”


Then Germaniah the half-Elf said:

“Kings are made with the Sword and no Prince can become a King unless he forges his own Kingdom as the King before him had, but the days of Kings must come to a end, when there is no place left to conquer all that Humanity will have left is water and trees”

Germaniah then declared himself Germaniah al-Melkh Ashkenaz. Germaniah al-Melkh Ashkenaz united all of the lands of the North and all of the clans of the North. Germaniah al-Melkh Ashkenaz named the united lands and the united clans Malkhut Ashkenaz, then Germaniah al-Melkh Ashkenaz built a mighty fortress on top of  Germaniah al-Har and all in the new Kingdom rejoiced.

Malkhut Ashkenaz was a shining kingdom that lasted just as long as Germaniah al-Melkh Ashkenaz continued to live and Germaniah al-Melkh Ashkenaz lived for a long time, after all he was a half-Elf, his reign lasted Two Thousand years until the Sons of King Aryas gained up together and murdered  Germaniah al-Melkh Ashkenaz, after that Ashkenaz was divided among the sons of King Aryas.















The meaning of the word Likh’im

Likh’im pronounced Lick’eem not to be confused with Lechaim.

Likh’im is spelled in לחים Hebrew and Lechaim is spelled לחיים in Hebrew.

מְדִינַא דא מְדִינַת
The State of Israel is going to change its name to The State of Medinat.

Likh’im is a Hebrew neologism that refers to a known reputation juicy and lush eating and drinking, yet this is not the implied context of the word.

The proper definition of the word Likh’im is “[the] Ones [who are] Not-dry” and this is the name of the Code of Medina Da Medinat, a code of being vibrant in one’s own history and not given to the dry-propaganda of Medinat Yisrael.



 Likh’im לחים

The State of Israel is not organic in origin unlike other Homelands.

The State of Israel was based on Zionism.

The pretext to Zionism is Americanism. 

Americanism is the Mayflower ideology of the Plymouth Colony of which was founded by the Protestant Christian Pilgrims and anyone who fundamentally believes in the theological dogmatic Puritan fundamentals of Americanism is by definition a Americanist. 

From the Americanists came the theological doctrines that over time gave rise to the dispensational reconstructionist Christianity that took root in both  America as well as Britain, these theological positions supported a mythological Jewish race, even though both the Jewish culture and the religion of Judaism had nothing to do with racial-ethnicity. 

The dispensational reconstructionist Christianity paved the way for Theodor Herzl.

Theodor Herzl founded the ideology of Zionism, a ideology that embraced a mythological Jewish race, even though both the Jewish culture and the religion of Judaism had nothing to do with racial-ethnicity. 

The word Yehudi went through a period of time in which this word Yehudi had been falsely attributed to more than one definition based on differing context.

Yehudi יהודי however is such either for the cultural reason of having a Yehudi mother or for the religious reason of converting to Yahadut יהדות this word Yehudi is not simply rendered as such rather the Hebrew scriptures insinuate this, it was latter times that would confuse the word Yehudi.  

Yehudahi יהודהי is a lesser known word because it has never come up in the Hebrew Bible. 

Now as for Yehudahi יהודהי this word means one from the tribe of Yehudah יהודה this is a lesser known detail of history that has been kept from public conversation because of how damaging this information is to racialists who desire to preserve the deception of a mythological Yehudi race.

Then there is the word Yehudia יהודיא the theocracy founded by Ezra and the returned exiles from Babylon and this is another unpopular word that racialists who desire to preserve the deception of a mythological Yehudi race do not want anyone to say.

And then of course Yedudan יהודן is any person who is a citizen of the theocratic land of Yehudia יהודיא founded by Ezra.  

This information proves that there can never be a Jewish State.

Yet just who are the Yisraelim? The Ancient Yisraelim are the same as The Palestinians. 

A more known part of information that is often overlooked is that the Ancient Yisraelim began with Jacob and yet they where not considered to be Jewish יהודי until Moses spoke to God on Mount Sinai, most Ancient Yisraelim have converted to Christianity or Islam and therefore any attempt to bring matters of racial-ethnicity into the topic has lost argument for those same Ancient Yisraelim are now referred to as Palestinians.

Yisraeli ישראלי is a funny word with the way it is misused by Antisemitic racialists.

The undeniable truth is that a Yisraeli ישראלי is the same as a Palestinian פלשתינאי and We the modern-Yisraelim are not the Yisraelim at all. 

It is time for We who are mislabeled as Yisraeli ישראלי change Our mislabeled name to the correct name of Medinai מדינתי and in doing so We no longer remain dry.












Times are changing

The naysayers are the ones who are lying because the State of Israel is imploding.

I am a Israeli refugee living in America, I married a Ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman, and she was murdered this year. I had become a Ultra-Orthodox Jew for my wife, I do not consider myself Jewish but I am born from Jewish parents, I am not a Jewish anti-Zionist now that I have left Judaism, but I am not going to become a Zionist again.

I am a Post-Zionist now, but to be clear the only true Post-Zionist position is the position that myself and others like myself are taking.

Medinati culture must be shaped by a blast of psychological impact of sorts.  And now more than ever before the reality is all to clear the State of Israel is going to change its name to the State of Medinat.

מְדִינַא דא מְדִינַת


Believe it or not it is true, the State of Israel is imploding, the youth of each generation become more disconnected from the unstable State of Israel than the last generation as each new generation reaches youth searching for identity.

The death of Muhammad Ali is more striking than the deaths of David Bowie and Prince.  Both the deaths of David Bowie and Prince hit many Americans hard but to have Muhammad Ali die in the same year of 2016 is a sign that the Times are changing all around.

America’s favorite client-State the one called Israel will no longer serve American interests because the State of Israel is going to change its name to the State of Medinat and the entire power-structure of the Knesset will be overthrown and replaced by a State Council.

The Medinati Revolution is coming.

The Attack on Brussels

On the date of March 22, 2016 Terrorist attacks on Brussels happened. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria claimed responsibility for these terrorist attacks. To think that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria which is believed by many to be the same group as the Free Syrian Army that American President Barack Obama was in support of sends shivers down the spines of every rational man or woman. As best any report has given is that at 7:58 a.m. local time Tuesday, two suicide bombers struck the departure lounge of Brussels Airport in Zaventem about 37 seconds apart, killing at least 10 people. This is clearly a way of making a pretext for more surveillance because with all the great American intelligence this could have been prevented very easily. But how many are willing to look close into the origins of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, not many mostly the real answer to the questions can be found on my previous post entitled Friendship with Syria read it, you will learn stuff.

Belgium Attacks